Cuttings and Observations, 2017

Photo by John Divola

Come Back Tomorrow

Oct 21 - Dec 2, 2017
Dicky Bahto / Ahram Park

Et al.
620 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108 


Start out going northwest on E 1st St toward N Main St.

Then 0.16 miles

Turn right onto N Broadway.

N Broadway is just past N Spring St

If you reach N Hill St you've gone a little too far

Then 0.37 miles

Merge onto US-101 N towardHollywood/Pasadena/Harbor Fwys.

If you reach W Cesar E Chavez Ave you've gone a little too far

Then 10.29 miles

Keep left to take CA-170 N/Hollywood Fwy N via EXIT 13toward Sacramento.

Then 6.85 miles

CA-170 N/Hollywood Fwy Nbecomes I-5 N/Golden State Fwy N.

Then 66.72 miles

Keep right to take I-5 N toward San Francisco/Sacramento.

Then 225.67 miles

Keep left to take I-580 W towardTracy/San Francisco.

Then 46.38 miles

Keep left to take I-238 N via EXIT 34toward I-880.

Then 2.42 miles

Merge onto I-880 N via the exit on the left.

Then 11.02 miles

Keep left to take I-880 N toward I-80/San Francisco/Berkeley(Portions toll).

Then 3.50 miles

Keep left to take I-880 N towardSan Francisco (Portions toll).

Then 0.13 miles

Merge onto I-80 W via the exit on the left (Portions toll).

Then 5.60 miles

Take the Fremont St/Folsom St exit,EXIT 2C.

Then 0.30 miles

Merge onto Fremont St via the ramp on the left.

Then 0.47 miles

Fremont St becomes Front St.

Then 0.05 miles

Turn left onto Pine St.

If you reach California St you've gone a little too far

Then 0.31 miles

Turn right onto Kearny St.

Kearny St is just past Belden Pl

If you reach Saint George Aly you've gone a little too far

Then 0.15 miles

Et Al. Gallery, You have arrived at your destination.

Your destination is just past Sacramento St

If you reach Commercial St you've gone a little too far

Come back tomorrow. 


Dave on p.2 of Valhalla - Idyllwild, CA 2018

Figures On A Landscape - Joshua Tree, CA 

Black Velvet Canyon, 2015

A few updates from Summer. Adam and I climbed the NE face of Pingora in the Wind River range. Our first alpine pursuit, and a lucky one at that. We somehow escaped the notorious mosquitoes of the Cirque du Towers and managed to bag 8 pitches of beautiful, sustained granite climbing without freezing our butts off.


4am start, massive bagel consumption, one hour approach where we got schooled by a swedish couple in their 50′s, faced with the first traverse pitch that had me thinking..., sustained 200ft pitches, sketchy stepovers , Adam leading the offwidth pitch like a pro mama, unexpected chimney pitch where we got off route, stuck rope on rappel, single bud light pound with a 14 mile boulder filled hike back to the car on empty, immediately crashing next to the car, waking at 6am and driving 14 hours back to riverside. Started my last year of school the next day.

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